Structural Engineers who support the vision for your multi-unit construction project.

As a full-service structural engineering firm, we partner with Architects, Developers, and Owners to build stunning, unique, multi-unit structures.

high-density living

Create vertical communities as efficient to build as they are beautiful. Find support in forging unique, sustainable, and comfortable housing for your city.

Why Veitas Engineers

Multi-unit construction projects often feel defined by what can’t be done or what should have been done.

We built a structural engineering process which invites possibility and prevents problems before they occur so you can realize the full potential of your vision.

A flexible framework

Build a unique, stunning structure. Our flexible design framework helps you think outside the box while ensuring structural integrity.

Expert Guidance

From the earliest stages of your project, you’ll have a dedicated partner with multi-unit expertise to help weigh the impact of your design choices.

A “Build-First” Approach

We visualize your structure in relentless detail in order to prevent problems and delays before they occur.

Trusted by leading Architects, Developers, and Owners

Buildings are more than projects to complete. They transform the community around them. They provide the context and background for the story of the people who live and work there. As structural engineers, we get to be a part of those stories.

And like any great story, each building deserves its own unique, epic identity and style. That’s why we do everything it takes to support the vision for your project. Excellence in engineering is a baseline. Let’s rise above it to work as a team in a process which leaves everyone proud of what's been built and eager to do it again.

Think different. Build better.

It’s possible to have a double-win in commercial construction for multi-unit structures where a reimagined, more enjoyable process yields a stronger result.

Our constant dedication is achieving this double win for clients, and these are the values which drive us forward.

Engage our Structural Engineers for structural concept designs, or early pricing feedback.