Join us in transforming high-density communities.

As a full-service structural engineering firm, we are looking for the very best engineers & designers to help push the boundaries in multi-family structures.

What we believe.

Buildings are more than projects to complete. They transform the community around them. They provide the context and background for the story of the people who live and work there. As structural engineers, we get to be a part of those stories.

And like any great story, each building deserves its own unique, epic identity and style. That’s why we do everything it takes to support the vision for our client’s project. Excellence in engineering is a baseline. Let’s rise above it to work as a team in a process which leaves everyone proud of what’s been built and eager to do it again. 


Mission x Values

Think different.
Build better.

It’s possible to have a double-win in commercial construction for multi-family housing where a reimagined, more enjoyable process yields a stronger result. Our constant dedication is achieving this double win for clients, and these are the values which drive us forward.


The strongest, most enduring relationships are built on trust, and we believe the best way to build those relationships is by being open and honest.


We care about the needs of our people, our partners, and our clients. Our job is to help others do theirs.


We pursue continuous improvement in everything we do while managing change with careful consideration and clear communication.


Our buildings are designed to last, and we strive to build enduring relationships with our clients by offering the best possible process and experience.

Supporting our team with
competitive benefits.

Competitive Salaries

We believe people should be well compensated for the good work they do.

Pathway to Ownership

Pathway to ownership. We believe that if you want to be part of ownership, we only become better when you put in the work to get there.

License Support

Studying for and passing the PE or SE exam is a major milestone for any engineer. We provide study support in the form of both materials and paid study time, days off for the exam, as well as reimbursement for exam fees. We also work with you to moderate your office workload around the exam to give you the space to be at your best.


The fastest, smoothest, most satisfying path to growth is through mentorship. But mentorship takes many forms and does not necessarily mean a single person guiding you every step. We start with your team leaders. They are your first stop for any questions or help. From there, company leadership is always willing to talk and provide support. We anchor this feedback and support with yearly performance reviews that are updated quarterly.

Professional Development

Our value of Kaizen doesn’t just apply to company processes. We believe that everyone can benefit from learning, and we provide multiple avenues for that. Internal seminars, local events, national conferences, are all part of learning opportunities tailored to each person.

Education Support

Beyond standard professional development, we believe that some people can significantly benefit from additional school. That’s why we have a program for tuition reimbursement for Master’s Degrees.

Comprehensive Health Insurance

We believe that you are at your best when you’re healthy. We provide comprehensive medical, vision, and dental coverage for you (and your family) and a monthly gym reimbursement to help keep you at your best.

Family Leave

We understand the importance of family at Veitas, especially spending time with them and caring for them. For that we have maternity, paternity, and family sick care leave.

Responsible Out-Of-Office Time

RO3 Time is all about giving you the flexibility to take the time you need, when you need it. Whether you’re going on vacation, taking care of a sick family member, or serving on jury duty, RO3 Time has got you covered. We recommend taking a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks off in a calendar year. The most important thing is to work with your team to make sure all of your projects are taken care of while you’re away. We trust you to make the best decision for yourself, your team, and the company, so go ahead and unplug and recharge!

New Parent Bonus

After a leave for the birth or adoption of a child, all staff are eligible for a New Parent Return to Work Bonus equal to 4 weeks of 50% pay upon their return to full-time work. The purpose of the bonus is to help with expenses such as diapers, formula, food, etc

How we work.

As a remote-first firm, we value synchronous and asynchronous work. We have flexible working hours so our team members can choose a schedule that works best for their lives, their health, and their families.

  • 1/3rd of our staff that is fully remote
  • 1/3rd in the office 2 days per week
  • 1/3 are full time in the office

We’ve worked very hard on making the culture work with this hybrid model by providing a consistent set of whole-staff touch points throughout the week and by developing a set of tight-knit teams that meet regularly and work together consistently on projects.

Company leadership makes a point of touching base with staff on a regular basis just to check in and see how people are feeling and providing support and feedback when needed. We provide computing resources for working from home. Hybrid work schedules are flexible and centered around your team. If you are local to the office, we aim to have the teams together in person when they are in the office to maximize collaboration.

Want to join Veitas in transforming high-density communities?

We are always looking for dynamic, highly driven potential team members. We hire for technical chops and for individuals who want to grow, but just as importantly, we seek out great people.

We take a long view with our staff; unique skill sets may not be immediately beneficial for the company, but they have the potential to make our team better with mentoring and room to develop. Every person is an individual and will have a different path for growth and advancement through their career. It is our privilege to help our team members discover their strengths and build on them while showing you how to provide outstanding, empathetic, transparent care for our clients. Our people care about great work and successful projects because our client’s success is our success.

Because of our individual approach to each team member, we are on the lookout for people who might not fit some other firms’ mould. We want people looking to own their careers and to make a difference on a team that appreciates their uniqueness. As a baseline, candidates should be PE/SE track engineers, Revit experience is highly encouraged, and experience in steel, concrete, and especially wood design is required.

Open positions.


Structural Engineer


Structural Engineer


Structural Engineer


3D Designer

3D Lead


3D Associate


3D Drafter



Structural Engineer


Structural Engineer


Structural Engineer